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Where there are wolves, there are ravens. Ravens follow wolves around a lot, mostly because they just seem to like them. They aren’t known to follow other predators and they prefer to eat with the wolves instead of alone. Source

ravens get easy food out of the relationship, and wolves get protection; the ravens fly above and alert the wolves to danger. ravens and wolves are also known to play with each other, esp. chasing games. they are both intelligent and playful animals who genuinely enjoy each other’s company. they also understand many of the other’s vocalizations.

i love ravens

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My dad:Your sister's crazy. Who'd want a $200 purse?
Me:She does.
My dad:What is it with ladies purses, anyway?
Me:(glancing at my purse) What do you mean?
My dad:How did that start--I mean, why do women use them? Doesn't it get tiring carrying a bag around all the time?
Me:(stands up and turns around) See those pockets?
My dad:... Yes?
Me:What can I fit in them?
My dad:What?
Me:How many things do you think I could fit in my pockets? Honestly. How many things?
My dad:Doesn't look like you could fit much.
Me:A pack of Orbit, some folded bills, and that's about it. That's why we use purses--because we can't carry our shit in our pockets like you do.
My dad:But I can fit my wallet, my keys, and my cigarettes in my pockets!
Me:And your jeans also fit the way they should.
My dad:I'm almost afraid to ask, but what do you mean?
Me:Your jeans are sized by, what, your inseam and waist, right?
My dad:... Aren't yours?
Me:I'm a size 3.
My dad:3 what?
Me:No, just a 3. A size 3.
My dad:What does that mean?
Me:I actually have no idea. I'm a size 3 in these jeans. In some other jeans, I'm a 5. I'm a 7 in my favorite pair of shorts.
My dad:Wait, it's not the same?
Me:Nope. A size 3 in one brand's jeans is completely different from a size 3 in another brand.
My dad:That's fucking stupid! How do you shop for them?!
Me:With great difficulty. This is why when you ask me what I did during the week and despite the fact I know you won't care I sometimes tell you I found a pair of jeans. Because finding a pair of jeans that fit and fit well is like finding the Holy Grail with your name encrusted in diamonds on it
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Goddamn.  Smart woman for thinking of the “ordering a pizza” thing, and smart dispatcher for picking up on it.

I know this is a reblog and I have a separate blog for reblog nonsense but this isn’t nonsense. THIS IS EXTREMELY USEFUL and I wish so hard that I worlds had this knowledge two years ago.

I know that several of my followers have been and/or currently are in abusive relationships and I need to reblog this for them.

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little jaden looks so pleased with himself

The joke was hilarious and at the same time profound

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I just wanted a gifset of all three… (x,x,x)

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shout out to people with abusive mothers who have to deal with the world acting like every single mother’s love is so expansive and unconditional and tender when that is the opposite of what we experienced

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be an atheist, be a christian, be buddhist, be straight, be gay, be cisgender, be transgender, be non-binary, be carnivore, be vegan, be whatever the hell you want to be but don’t be an asshole is this so hard to understand

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